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The Changing Ages Of The Workforce

The Changing Ages Of The Workforce—Infographic As time goes on, the demographic of people working changes. There’s a constant cycle of older generations aging and retiring. For example, Baby Boomers are currently between the ages of 76 and 57. This means that a good number of them have already retired or are looking to retire […]

10 Work From Home Tips To Increase Productivity

It's said that you lose productivity while working from home and cannot perform your tasks effectivity as you do at office. Here are the 10 important tips that you can easily follow to maximise productivity when you work from home. 1) Setup your home workspace: Find a suitable corner at your home that has decent […]

Comparing Coaching vs. Mentoring

Coach or mentor? Coaching and mentoring are similar, but involve different skills and a different approach.  In general mentoring is a long term relationship while coaching is short term and focuses on tasks and training. The best place to start is a definition of coaching and mentoring. Coaching: The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as […]

Workplace Sexual Harassment: Fast Facts and Stats You Need to Know

It is every employer’s responsibility to promote a workplace where employees feel safe and protected as they try to make a living. However, some situations are out of management’s control - such as cases of sexual harassment. No matter how small, sexual harassment in the workplace can occur, and it can happen to anyone. But, […]

How Coaches Get Hired And Fired

How Coaches Get Hired And Fired—Infographic To land a coaching engagement, it helps to understand why clients hire coaches, in the first place. But it’s also useful to know what keeps a coach hired and what gets them fired. Awarenow conducted a benchmarking study to help better understand why companies hire coaches, and what eventually […]

What Is Coworking Space And Types Of Coworking Space

What Is Coworking Space And Types Of Coworking Space—Infographic How does coworking space work? The Magical Numbers In 2021, there will be 24,000 coworking spaces globally. Approximately 2/3 of coworking spaces are planning to expand their premises. Why Coworking Space More job control and flexibility Networking opportunities Central location for clients Increase in productivity Cost-efficient […]

The Mobile Of Workplace Learning

The Mobile Of Workplace Learning—Infographic There's no doubt that mobile learning or mLearning is the gateway to anywhere, anytime learning. Fueled by the increased penetration and usage of smartphones in today's always-connected, digital age, it has moved from the stage of "awareness" to "consideration," and is moving fast into the final stage of "adoption." UpsideLMS […]

Learning Agility For Enterprises - Infographic

Learning Agility For Enterprises - Infographic To measure a workforce’s agility, L&D professionals need to think beyond just ‘training’ and deploying learning and development programs that set a culture of lifelong learning among the employees. Modern L&D programs are supposed to work as a development platform that bundles learning with work to develop agility among […]

5 Must-Know Points To Consider When Picking A Training Partner

5 Must-Know Points To Consider When Picking A Training Partner Infographic Out of hundreds of options for the training partners – the parameters to assess them can be overwhelming. Your need is different but some factors remain common. How to be sure of what to pick if you are looking for the best training vendor? […]

E3 – Workforce Diversity & Inclusion

E3 – Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Infographic Diversity and Inclusion is a big challenge for the organization. CHRO's should leverage the effects of diversity and inclusion to achieve a competitive business advantage. To succeed in the global marketplace, use the mix of talent and generate innovative ideas that can yield your productivity and profitability. Workforce […]