Organize Your Study Space: 9 Tips To Make Your Environment Perfect For Studying

Organize Your Study Space: 9 Tips to Make Your Environment Perfect for Studying

Studying productively without distractions can feel unattainable unless you make an effort to organize your study space.

Why is it so important?

Here's the deal: when you interrupt your work, it can take up to 23 minutes to focus again. That's why you need a quiet place with no distractions. But how should you organize your space to make it comfortable to study effectively?

We’ve collected nine of the most simple, yet effective tips on how to arrange your study space. Check out our infographic to learn more about the ergonomics of your desk and chair, colors, lighting, temperature, decluttering your room, organizing stationery, and more. We hope our advice helps you learn more productively. Don't forget to send the link to your friends!

Do you have issues with tracking your time while studying? A time tracking software might be able to help you.

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