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Stunning Child Literacy Stats Infographic

Stunning Child Literacy Stats Infographic Child literacy is one of the most important predictors of future academic and professional success. But these statistics tell a story that must be heeded by parents across the education, income and class spectrums. Perhaps most stunning, the mere presence of 20 books in a home erases all parental education, […]

Developing Pre-Writing Skills in Early Childhood Infographic

Developing Pre-Writing Skills in Early Childhood Infographic Most research on early writing has focused on lower primary-aged children which means studies on younger children (from 2-5 years) are a little thin. One of the causes of this was the long-held philosophy that very young children would learn what they needed by merely playing within a […]

Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten Infographic

Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten Infographic The Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten Infographic features everyday things families can do to make sure their child enters Kindergarten ready to learn. When a child enters kindergarten ready to learn, they start building a foundation for school success. Top 6 Ways to Get Your Child Ready […]

The Wired Child Infographic

Parents used to refer to their children as "wired" when they were particularly energetic or experiencing a sugar high but today the term"wired" has a completely different meaning. It seems like every generation is summed up by an idea, and this generation is no different. The newest generation has been deemed, “Generation C”, or “The […]

Why Early Education Is Vital Infographic

Everyone has their own view on when a child should start school; while many kids begin to go to preschool as early as age three, some places in the world delay schooling until kids are six or seven. In studies of the US educational system, however, data points overwhelmingly toward the notion that when it […]

The Importance of Pre-School Education Infographic

9 Benefits of Early Learning Improved social skills Reduction in special needs services Better academic performance Longer attention spans An increase of informational retention Higher graduation rates at the high school level Reduced behavioral problems throughout school career Reduction in crime affiliations Furthermore, every dollar that taxpayers spend on early-education averages out to thirteen dollars […]

Early Childhood Education Infographic

Early childhood education (ECE) is the 1st step toward a successful learning experience. By enrolling a high quality ECE program, children develop the necessary skills and experiences that will help them succeed. Kick Start Your Kid's Learning can be an extremely valuable experience if young children are provided with a high quality, properly structured learning environment. […]

Children Learn Through Play Infographic

Parents sometimes worry that children are playing too much, play is actually vital to helping children learn. As children play within different areas of their environment, their learning process is influenced in different ways. The Learning Through Play Infographic takes a look at the different types of play, how they help, and then how a […]

Intellectual Disability in Children Infographic

What are the signs of intellectual disability in children? 6 of the most common signs of intellectual disability Rolling over, sitting up, crawling, or walking late. Slow to master things like potty training, dressing, and feeding himself or herself. Difficulty remembering things. Inability to connect action with consequences. Behavior problems such as explosive tantrums. Difficulty […]