What Is Coworking Space And Types Of Coworking Space

What Is Coworking Space And Types Of Coworking Space

What Is Coworking Space And Types Of Coworking Space—Infographic

How does coworking space work?

The Magical Numbers

In 2021, there will be 24,000 coworking spaces globally. Approximately 2/3 of coworking spaces are planning to expand their premises.

Why Coworking Space

  • More job control and flexibility
  • Networking opportunities
  • Central location for clients
  • Increase in productivity
  • Cost-efficient

Additional Benefits Of Shared Space

  • Cost-efficient
  • Fixed address
  • Flexibility
  • Plug and play

Types Of Spaces

  • Hot desk
    On-demand workspace, simply choose any open seat in the coworking areas to begin your workday.
  • Dedicated desk
    Give your business a home with a desk that's always reserved for you.
  • Private cabin
    Get a full-private cabin for your small creative team, ideal for 4 to 12 seaters.
  • Meeting room
    A closed room in an office building, set aside for people to hold meetings.
  • Event space
    A hall for all startup and corporate events for conducting training or seminars.

Amenities To Boost Up

  • Printer
  • WiFi
  • Power backup
  • Tea/coffee
  • Reception
  • Housekeeping
Via: https://sneed.in/blog/what-is-coworking-space/
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