The Mobile Of Workplace Learning

The Mobile Of Workplace Learning—Infographic

There's no doubt that mobile learning or mLearning is the gateway to anywhere, anytime learning. Fueled by the increased penetration and usage of smartphones in today's always-connected, digital age, it has moved from the stage of "awareness" to "consideration," and is moving fast into the final stage of "adoption." UpsideLMS dissects this very layer of mobile learning—analyzing the what, the why and the how of this innovative training approach.

Drawing upon the statistics and facts from the latest mobile-, mLearning- and workplace learning-related research reports, the infographic focus on 2 key areas:

  1. Reasons for considering mobile learning in the workplace this year
  2. Different applications for organizations' training and development

As a part of the former, it mentions the influx of millennials, the rise of the Gig Economy, flexible work schedules and the growing mobile workforce, internet explosion, our increased dependency on mobile devices for everything and growth of BYOD as the top reasons. Mobile apps, multi-device responsive content/platforms, microlearning-based training, chatbot-based learning, mobile LMS, performance support tools, video-based training are few of the applications listed in the latter section.

"The 'Mobile' of Workplace Learning" is a great go-to resource for organizations/individuals considering mLearning for their business as it presents a wide range of stats; from the mobile phone penetration, the global mobile workforce, mLearning revenues to the percentage of freelancers, mobile data traffic growth, social networking through mobiles, BYOD growth, and beyond!

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