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10 Primary Habits Of Successful Students

10 Primary Habits of Successful Students—Infographic Manage Your Time Efficiently. Some students know how to manage time and balance everything very well. Others, not so much. Manage your time efficiently with a timer. Use a timer! There’s no need to sit in your room all day or all night studying. Just because you’re poring over your textbook […]

16 Differentiated Instruction Strategies

16 Differentiated Instruction Strategies — Infographic Every student has their own preference and understanding of the learning processes. When a teacher adopts different types of instructions based on their student’s capabilities and potential, then the process is known as differentiated instruction. This advanced process of imparting education among the students is very beneficial. It analyzes […]

How To Choose Your University

How To Choose Your University—Infographic The process of applying for universities is a stressful process for 12th class students. Between juggling exam preparation and the fear of missing out on application deadlines, it can become difficult to understand the right places to apply to. Here is a guide to choosing the right university for you. […]

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers—Infographic 1. Be Proactive Highly effective teens take responsibility for their own life. They control the situation, rather than letting the moment control them. This means that you must learn to take initiative for decisions that affect you. Instead of being reactive, be proactive. Take control of your own education, […]

Back-To-School Tips For Homeschooling High School

Back-To-School Tips For Homeschooling High School Infographic The Infographic describes eLearning and homeschooling. Here are some top back-to-school tips for homeschooling high school. Establish realistic goals: First and foremost, you must set realistic homeschooling goals. You certainly do not have to plan out in details. However, you can start by making an end goal. Make […]

The Rewards Of Having A High ACT Score Infographic

The Rewards Of Having A High ACT Score Infographic It’s the ACT test that you’re going to take or retake, and you know just how important it is. The ACT test is basically the standardized test that will open new doors for you. It can help you get you into the college of your choice […]

AP Fun Facts Infographic

AP Fun Facts Infographic How prepared are students for the exam? 5 Most Taken AP Exams English Language The US History English Literature The US Government and Politics  Calculus AB 2/5 Students wish they had studied more. Out of those students, most wished they reviewed FRQ more. Don't Forget A Snack. The things students regretted most was forgetting a […]

Should High Schools Offer Career Education? Infographic

Should High Schools Offer Career Education? Infographic Parents look to the school system to not only provide their children with an academic education, but also to help prepare them to be successful in their chosen careers. The path a student takes after high school is not as clearly defined as it once was. Depending on […]