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Leadership: Everyone's Chance To Shine

Leadership: Everyone's Chance To Shine— Infographic ABC of Core Needs At Work: a) Autonomy and control b) Belonging c) Competence Explore powerful tips on how to be a leader in the workplace...it only takes small steps and simple tips to change one's life 😉

7 Keys To Creating The Best Work Environment

7 Keys To Creating The Best Work Environment— Infographic Offering your employees generous salaries and flexible vacation policies might make you a popular boss in the short term, but research shows that what workers really value extends beyond the usual job perks. Keeping employees happy and productive requires frequent and open communication, regular recognition of achievements, and constructive feedback, […]

5 Exam Preparation Tips Τo Help You Ace Your Test

5 Exam Preparation Tips Τo Help You Ace Your Test—Infographic Get ready to excel on your upcoming exams with these 5 essential preparation tips. From effective study strategies to time management techniques, these tips will help you boost your confidence and perform your best on test day. Start Studying Early Create A Study Plan Practice, […]

15 Ways To Improve Emotional Intelligence

15 Ways To Improve Emotional Intelligence—Infographic Emotional intelligence stimulates you both in the workplace and in private life, but it all starts inside of you. From your self-confidence, empathy, optimism, social skills and self-control, understanding and managing your own emotions can accelerate success in all areas of your life. Whether you are in a professional […]

20 Ways To Use ChatGPT In The Classroom

20 Ways To Use ChatGPT In The Classroom—Infographic When specifically asked how ChatGPT can be used by K-12 students, it reported the following: K-12 students can use ChatGPT in a variety of ways to enhance their learning experience. Some examples include: Asking ChatGPT to explain a difficult concept or topic Using ChatGPT to generate practice […]

8 Online Learning Trends Created By eLearners

8 Online Learning Trends Created By eLearners—Infographic The numbers are saying that today over 6 million students are somehow enrolled in virtual learning. There are no limits or restrictions over what you can teach. Learners are permitted to explore anything that interests them. Plus, online education is growing rapidly. Undergraduate participation in virtual learning in […]

10 Must-Have Study Habits For Student Success

10 Must-Have Study Habits For Student Success—Infographic This infographic by Writing Help reveals ten habits for every college student to develop if they want to succeed. Based on the principles of psychology and the human brain's work, it encourages better self-organization, time management, and lifestyle for proactivity, productivity, and study-life balance. The habits include: 1. […]

7 Tips For An Exceptional eLearning Design

7 Tips For An Exceptional eLearning Design—Infographic Finding the perfect design parameters for your eLearning platform can be challenging. While these 7 e-learning design tips can be extremely helpful, it's important to remember that not all criteria will be suitable for your specific platform. To create an effective eLearning experience, you must consider the unique […]

180-Day Onboarding Timeline

180-Day Onboarding Timeline—Infographic Onboarding is not a one-day or one-week process. It takes time for a new employee to become comfortable on a new job. And even longer for them to fit into your company’s culture. The first six months are critical. Given the time and expense of hiring and recruiting, there’s simply too much […]

10 Steps On How To Conduct A TNA

10 Steps On How To Conduct A TNA—Infographic 1. Set a context before conducting TNA It is a must when you’re conducting a training need analysis. The focus of the training will determine the scope and topics that need to be covered. Usually, the context of the analysis is always the business plan and its […]

5 Traits Of Top-Performing Project Managers

5 Traits Of Top-Performing Project Managers —Infographic How can you tell if your project manager can execute projects to their conclusion? There are traits that effective project managers frequently have in common, yet there is no hard and fast rule that characterizes every great project manager. In literally every position, successful employees must have excellent […]

9 Sleep Tips for College Students in 2023: A Complete Guide

9 Sleep Tips for College Students in 2023: A Complete Guide—Infographic We are showing the importance of limiting alcohol, avoiding drinking caffeine too late, grabbing a power nap, keeping homework out of your bed, avoiding TV, computers, and video games before bed, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding taking study drugs. Also, choosing the best […]