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The Importance Of Customer Service Training

The icing on top of the cake, however, which will actually break the ice with the potential customer is effective Customer Service trai. Studies have revealed some eye-opening facts that must make all of us pause and assess the huge impact of Customer Service on our clients, and consequently, the business. Customers are your brand, […]

How Much Data Is Generated Every Day?

How Much Data Is Generated Every Day?—Infographic Vast amounts of data are generated online every day. Every search, every email, even every tweet and every YouTube video watched generates data that is shared, received, and stored. We have compiled the numbers and stats to understand the data generated every day through popular social media and […]

How Coaches Get Hired And Fired

How Coaches Get Hired And Fired—Infographic To land a coaching engagement, it helps to understand why clients hire coaches, in the first place. But it’s also useful to know what keeps a coach hired and what gets them fired. Awarenow conducted a benchmarking study to help better understand why companies hire coaches, and what eventually […]

Cloud Computing In Retail Industry

Cloud Computing In Retail Industry—Infographic As the power has shifted from retailers to customers, the retail industry has to undergo a digital transformation. Cloud migration is a promising investment for retail organizations to attract and retain their customer base. Growing at a CAGR of 17.7% between the time period 2019-2025, the market size is predicted […]

How To Enhance Customers' Omnichannel Experience

How To Enhance Customers' Omnichannel Experience—Infographic Customers don't like it when companies can't remember who they are. 87% of market analysts say Customer Experience is extremely important for brand loyalty. Have We Met Before? The Problem With Omnichannel Customer Experience Restating or reentering information wastes customers' time and makes them feel like the company doesn't […]

Personalized Video Is A Game Changer For CCM Providers

Personalized Video Is A Game Changer For CCM Providers—Infographic Personalized video is a content format that brands can't afford to ignore. With personalized videos, CCM providers can create engaging, interactive content to cost-effectively scale personalized customer care and maximize ROI. 1. Deliver Leading-Edge Content The stats prove it. The video visually engages customers and personalization […]

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Learning And Development

The Impact Of COVID-19 On Learning And Development—Infographic 5% of L&D professionals think their learning strategy, investment and resourcing will never go back to what it was before the pandemic. Implications L&D has faced during the crisis: Unprepared for a digital-only approach Focus shifted to crucial business operations Reduced budgets and changed expectations Revamped strategy […]

7 Tips To Protect Your Social Media Privacy

7 Tips To Protect Your Social Media Privacy—Infographic Technology is moving at a really fast pace and so are apps, sites, and spywares that steal your personal data, hack your passwords, induce viruses in your devices and introduce newer, more advanced phishing scams by the day. But why fear third-party sites when trusted social media […]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Developing An eLearning Course

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Developing An eLearning Course—Infographic You’ve decided to develop an eLearning course. Before you start the creation process, here are 5 key questions that you should ask yourself. The answers to these questions will help form the foundation of your course. Who Is The Learner? It’s very important to understand […]