5 Must-Know Points To Consider When Picking A Training Partner

5 Must-Know Points To Consider When Picking A Training Partner Infographic

Out of hundreds of options for the training partners – the parameters to assess them can be overwhelming. Your need is different but some factors remain common. How to be sure of what to pick if you are looking for the best training vendor?

Here are 5 parameters to check which vendor fits your bill and matches your top priorities

1. Training Partner Has A Strong Industry Connect

Pick a training vendor who can match up to your needs of

a. Scale
b. Duration
c. Budget
d. Technology

2. Customised Content

One size doesn’t fill all. Customisation is crucial to effective learning. Pick a training vendor who is willing to

a. Understand & study the goals of your company
b. Create roadmaps that go best with your plans

Some even offer customising core elements of the program like projects, examples, case studies to suit your business needs etc.

3. Training Provider Has A Good Reputation

A reputed vendor with an impressive portfolio of clients from the same domain as yours should always be your first choice.

Get a good look into your potential vendor’s track record and talk to organizations who have partnered with them in the past and ensure that they have delivered

a. Personalised
b. Domain-relevant
c. Goal-oriented courses during the training period.

4. Omni-Channel, Hybrid Learning Options

Your partner must be willing to offer innovative training solutions. They should offer training as an experiential learning journey.

Prefer the one that offers blended learning* which brings the advantage of hands-on training through cloud labs.

*The rich learning journey reinforces through

1. Peer Interaction,
2. Gamification,
3. Hands-on Training In Labs With 24/7 Access,
4. Projects,
5. Complimentary content that includes
6. White Papers,
7. Highly Specialised Course Content,
8. Quiz And Live-interactive Sessions Facilitated By Industry Experts.

5. Provides Assessment

Assessment is the key when it comes to deciding job roles and deeming who is fit for a project.

A good vendor will insist on real-time measurement of progress through effective tracking techniques and tools.

A training vendor must be result oriented.

Via: https://www.iiht.com/blog/5-must-know-points-to-consider-when-picking-a-training-partner-infographic/
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