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The Evolution Of Flexible Workspace

The Evolution Of Flexible Workspace - Infographic Workplace customs and trends have shifted over the years. The typical workspaces as we knew it 10 years ago appears different from what companies offer today. Businesses are acknowledging the changes and seeing the advantages of adopting a modern office setting. The evolution of the way people work […]

Who Are Today’s Adult Learners Infographic

Who Are Today’s Adult Learners Infographic What do you know about today’s adult learners? Adult learners are having a huge impact throughout higher ed. On campus and online, they represent a growing and diverse student population with an urgent need for flexible and affordable degree options. With multiple demands on their time and money, adult […]

Adult Life and Learning Infographic

Adult Life and Learning Infographic There is no such thing as a typical college student anymore. Students of every age are taking advantage of the multitude of continuing education options available to them.The Adult Life and Learning Infographic analyses how students have embraced this evolution of further education, as well as exploring other important considerations, such […]

Online Learners Workplace Learning Statistics Infographic

In support of Adult Learners' Week 2014 we have put together the Workplace Learning Statistics Infographic to share some stats on workplace learning. Our favorite is the number of years worth of Virtual College e-learning completed last year. Workplace Learning Statistics  82% of people received some form or training in the last 12 months The average […]