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8 Ways PPC Experts Leverage AI

8 Ways PPC Experts Leverage AI-Infographic In 2024, PPC experts are increasingly utilizing AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard, transforming their approach to Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising. These technologies are being leveraged for advanced targeting, sophisticated campaign automation, and enhanced optimization, leading to more efficient and effective ad campaigns. This integration signifies […]

Tips For Parents Of Online Students

Tips For Parents Of Online Students—Infographic Stay connected with the teacher Why wait for a parent-teacher conference? Connect with your child's teacher by text, email, call, or video chat. Create a daily and weekly schedule Be involved in your child's education Ask questions to understand assignments, homework, and goals. Check your guardian account weekly Review […]

The Future Of Distance Learning

The Future Of Distance Learning—Infographic Distance learning isn't new, but the Coronavirus pandemic is certainly reshaping its operation. Still, there are many benefits to online learning for students, educators, and parents. eLearning is especially popular among students in college who want to obtain an education while balancing a job. Through the use of EdTech such […]

The 12 Agile Principles

The 12 Agile Principles—Infographic Agile Project Management is becoming more popular on projects and is rapidly replacing more traditional project methods and approaches. So, what makes agile so popular? Well, we think it’s because agile has certain advantages compared with traditional ways of approaching projects. Traditionally, projects assumed that requirements were known at the start. […]

A Guide To “Adulting”: Entering The Workforce After Graduation

A Guide To "Adulting": Entering The Workforce After Graduation Infographic Navigating the adult world the first year after college poses unique challenges. Getting a degree can lead to excellent opportunities. However, many young people believe that success is immediate upon graduation. While many can make the transition smoothly, others will need some time to find […]

Choosing the Right School for Your Career Path Infographic

Choosing the Right School for Your Career Path Infographic Choosing the right school and program is perhaps the biggest decision you’ll make during your graduate business journey. This is your chance to consider your interests, career goals, desired location, and learning style, and match them with a program that’s the best fit for you. With […]

Top 10 Advantages of Online Education Infographic

Top 10 Advantages of Online Education Infographic People from the twenty-first century will agree – it is important to get a good education, it helps to feel safe about the future. However, after graduation not everyone knows whether they made the right choice or where they want to go from there. People need money and […]

Is Online Education Right for You? Infographic

Is Online Education Right for You? Online education has experienced a boom in the last several years. More and more students, young and old are enrolling in some type of online classes, and even Bill Gates thinks the future of education is distance learning. It holds appeal for all kinds of students because it allows […]

Growth of K12 Online Education Infographic

More than 275,000 students in grades K-12 in the U.S. are getting a high-quality online education - often through a full-time online public school - without boarding a bus, entering a physical classroom, or even leaving their homes. What types of students are going to public school online and why? Learn more about the students […]

What You Should Know About MOOCs Infographic

According to the 2013 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College & University Presidents conducted by Gallup, only 14% of presidents strongly agree that Massive Open Online Courses have "great potential to make a positive impact" on higher education. With all the concerns and buzz about Massive Open Online Courses, Hanover Research commissioned a report on […]