The Evolution Of Flexible Workspace

The Evolution Of Flexible Workspace - Infographic

Workplace customs and trends have shifted over the years. The typical workspaces as we knew it 10 years ago appears different from what companies offer today. Businesses are acknowledging the changes and seeing the advantages of adopting a modern office setting.

The evolution of the way people work demands for new workplace practices. As technology continues to take over and affect how employees work, the need for flexible workspace also rises. This type of work setting is also known as a shared office or coworking space. It boasts multifunctional rooms, open spaces, individual works stations, and the like for those who work freelance or telecommute.

It’s incredible to think that this was such an unfamiliar model years ago. Today, coworking spaces seem far from going out of trend looking at how it helps both businesses and the working population.

As the gig economy blooms, it’s safe to say that shared offices are here to stay. Below is an infographic that illustrates the history and developments of the flexible workspace industry.

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