Benefits Of Cloud Computing In Education

Benefits Of Cloud Computing In Education

Benefits Of Cloud Computing In Education—Infographic

Technological service and support in education have spread through over 200 countries and territories, beneficiaries being researchers, educators, and students. K-12 schools and high education institutions like colleges and universities have been implementing products for a more innovative and flexible learning experience.

Cloud Tech Adoption

With time, more and more education institutions are choosing the cloud to provide better facilities to students and researchers. 25.4% is the compounded annual growth rate of cloud computing in higher education by 2027.

The reasons for the wide adaption:

  • Easy access
  • Scalability
  • Resource availability
  • Intellectual simulation

Major advantages of cloud computing in education:

  1. Virtual classrooms
  2. Lower software and hardware costs
  3. Cultural exposure
  4. Virtual training labs for professionals
  5. Promoting eLearning

Because of cloud computing, not only those that are part of an education institution benefit, but also those that opt for eLearning programs as they too have a wide range of resources to learn from. The cloud computing in education market size is estimated to grow from USD 8.13 billion to USD 25.36 billion by 2021.

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