Why Be Grateful to E-learning? Infographic

Why Be Grateful to E-learning?
The past decade has seen many tech innovations when it comes to being social, gaming or even learning, and a truly life-altering advancement —until now is ‘E-learning.’ It is revolutionizing the way learners interact, for better and worse. While new apps are expanding, accelerating and streamlining the learning experience, the ubiquity of e-learning can never eclipse the very reasons we learn. In certain respects, e-learning devices are also tipping the balance of power from tutors to students. To be sure, before long, it will do everything including accelerating your mental and professional growth.

God Bless E-learning!
This infographic is call to action, a call to express gratitude. For all that e-learning has showered us with; here is a chance to express your gratitude.

However you want to express it, just do it! It can come from various industries, information technology, pharmaceutical, advertising etc.
Spend some time expressing your gratitude to man’s intelligent invention, “E-Learning” for the progress being made in the education sector.

Join us in our thanksgiving campaign!

What are you grateful for in e-learning? Tweet it mentioning @timelesslearn and don’t forget to share the graphic!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Via: http://www.timelesslearntech.com/blog/why-be-grateful-to-e-learning/
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