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5 Tricks to Help Learners Better Remember Training Courses Infographic

5 Tricks to Help Learners Better Remember Training Courses Infographic People naturally forget. While there are plenty of factors that influence a person's ability to pay attention to new information — getting a good night's sleep, doing regular physical exercise, having a balanced diet or doing brain games — training instructors have no control over […]

North America E-Learning Market Infographic

A great number of North American organizations are adopting learning technologies: see the Infographics to learn more about the latest E-Learning trends, and the Learning Management System market forecasts. 2013 taught us that the outcome of any learning initiative, whether blended, classroom based, or fully online must contribute to the organization’s KPIs and decision processes. […]

Western Europe E-Learning Market and Trends

Despite being a mature market 2013 was a nevertheless a transitional year for eLearning in Western Europe. We can put aside all the buzz about MOOCs in higher education and all the noise about a coming shift to mobile. For those of us who focus on work-place learning the really interesting shift was the number […]

The History of Online Schooling Infographic

3 decades have passed on the appearance of online education the online education become more sophisticated than the first time it appeared and more than 6.1 Million student are studying in online colleges. You may also find valuable the 3 Tips To Improve Virtual Schools

Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Learning Infographic

Synchronous and asynchronous learning technologies are the two most common online learning types. The Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Learning Infographic explores these common types of e-learning and how they can be implemented at organizations. Considering the Benefits of Synchronous and Asynchronous e-Learning, effective e-learning courses should include both asynchronous and synchronous learning activities.

Middle East E-Learning Market Infographic

The Middle East E-Learning market is rapidly growing due to market makers such as Government, Private Schools and Corporates. This infographics is about 2013 E-Learning revenues, the market annual growth rate as well as the forecasts about 2016 revenues.

Why Be Grateful to E-learning? Infographic

Why Be Grateful to E-learning? The past decade has seen many tech innovations when it comes to being social, gaming or even learning, and a truly life-altering advancement —until now is ‘E-learning.’ It is revolutionizing the way learners interact, for better and worse. While new apps are expanding, accelerating and streamlining the learning experience, the […]

How To Flip A Classroom Infographic

The How To Flip A Classroom Infographic shows some tips and general guidelines on how to flip a classroom. The online learning industry has grown significantly over the past few years. Fueled by technology advancements, it has changed the way we perceive education in general. Student engagement and learning outcomes have become key points of interest in all […]