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Seven Reasons Why Kids Should Learn To Code

Seven Reasons Why Kids Should Learn To Code Infographic Did you know creating computer codes doesn't just sharpens your kid's knowledge of computer applications but also develops valuable skills in life and at the workplace? Understanding technology and learning the basics of how a machine works make children aware of how things work around them. […]

How To Improve Parent-Teacher Communication In Your School Infographic

How To Improve Parent-Teacher Communication In Your School Infographic Most often than not, parents pose as their child’s biggest ever role models– constantly showing them support and being involved in every activity they do. Bearing in mind that their educational involvement also counts, parents, need to be practically engaged. Most times than not, there are […]

The Blended Learning Pathway Infographic

At the Blended Learning Pathway Infographic you will find tips for successful blended learning implementation. Most schools want Blended Learning, do not have a strategic plan for implementation.

Checklist On How To Choose An Android Tablet For Education Infographic

There are now Android apps available that add real value to any English Language Teaching classroom, from pronunciation apps, to dictionaries, game-based vocabulary apps, Graded Readers, and now even complete coursebooks and Readers as e-books. Android is the single most popular Operating System for smartphones and tablets. The reason for this is twofold: firstly, Android […]

How Stereoscopic 3D Enhances Learning Infographic

The How Stereoscopic 3D Enhances Learning Infographic explores the positive impact of stereoscopic 3D on learning. Stereoscopic 3D is the type of 3D that sends a separate image to each eye, creating the perception of a realistic image with depth. Think "movie-theater" 3D. Whether with the use of 3D glasses or a glasses-free 3D display, […]

The Evolution of Teaching Methods Infographic

The Evolution of Teaching Methods Infographic presents how teaching methods have evolved over the last 300 years. In Colonial times the teacher kept order in the classroom with strict discipline and a touch of intimidation. Now, teachers are encouraged to be friendly and keep order by engaging kids so that they want to pay attention. […]

The Realtime Generation Infographic - Are you ready for the digital first era?

Nationwide survey of 13-17 year olds reveals economic opportunity from generation’s IT aspirations and expectations. Slough, UK, 9 December 2013: A survey of more than 1000 UK 13-17 year olds points to a future workforce that is ‘digital first’ in everything it does, and whose digital talents could bring significant economic value to the UK. […]

Why Be Grateful to E-learning? Infographic

Why Be Grateful to E-learning? The past decade has seen many tech innovations when it comes to being social, gaming or even learning, and a truly life-altering advancement —until now is ‘E-learning.’ It is revolutionizing the way learners interact, for better and worse. While new apps are expanding, accelerating and streamlining the learning experience, the […]

A History of Learning and Mobile Technology Infographic

Throughout history, the way people learn has evolved enormously, no more so than the advent of mobile technology over 40 years ago. ActiveLearn Go is leading the way in using mobile-technology innovation to enhance the learning experience of students and defining the future of learning. This infographic places ActiveLearn Go in context, as the point […]