How To Improve Parent-Teacher Communication In Your School Infographic

How To Improve Parent-Teacher Communication In Your School Infographic

How To Improve Parent-Teacher Communication In Your School Infographic

Most often than not, parents pose as their child’s biggest ever role models– constantly showing them support and being involved in every activity they do. Bearing in mind that their educational involvement also counts, parents, need to be practically engaged. Most times than not, there are no known ways to improve parent-teacher communication.

The Current Situation

Filling the gaps and finding out ways to improve parent-teacher communication is more important today than ever before, given the tight schedules, unstable work-life balance and economic pressures that parents are faced with.

So here we are presenting you with 5 ways to improve this communication in schools:

1. Social Media

Social networks have become popular in regards to enhancing parent-teacher communication. School staff gives parents instant updates, news, and information about their children's schools through Twitter & Facebook updates.

2. Parent Portal

This is a convenient online program that provides information to parents about their child's academic performance and other key events. Teachers share information such as grades, assignments, and attendance which makes it easily accessible to parents.

3. Mobile Apps

Teachers can make use of free online applications to communicate and collaborate with busy parents who want to know what's going on in class, how their kids are performing and what feedback to give teachers in a way that is convenient for them.

4. Video Chat App

This allows teachers to make themselves easily accessible to parents they may not be able to meet in person due to their busy schedules. Teachers can share ideas in live online collaboration sessions, which will be useful during PTA'S.

5. SMS

SAFSMS is an excellent example of a School Management System that allows parents to track students' progress across the entire learning curve and improve their child's performance by spotting trends that teachers may overlook.

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