Rapid eLearning Development Infographic

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6 Myths Of Rapid eLearning

6 Myths Of Rapid eLearning–Infographic 1. Anybody Can Create Rapid eLearning Using Authoring Tools For learning to be effective it has to be based on sound Instructional Design principles. 2. Rapid eLearning Means Low Quality Rapid eLearning doesn't compromise on course quality—development speed is accelerated. 3. Rapid eLearning Means No Creativity Creative Instructional Design strategies […]

Rapid eLearning Development Projects Infographic

Rapid eLearning Development Projects Infographic Here are some tips and best practices that will ensure the success of your rapid eLearning development: Planned go-live date Identify the time frame to go-live and evaluate if the project (and content) is apt for rapid eLearning development. Authoring tool selection Confirm if the Subject Matter Expert is familiar with […]

Rapid Learning: All Υou Νeed to Κnow Infographic

All Υou Νeed to Κnow about Rapid eLearning Development Rapid Learning (or Rapid eLearning Development) refers to the creation of presentation slides enhanced through things like recorded narration on top or additional tests, or even collaboration activities between the slides.The aim of Rapid Learning is to create content modules within weeks rather than months: Rapid eLearning = Fast […]