Rapid Learning: All Υou Νeed to Κnow Infographic

All Υou Νeed to Κnow about Rapid eLearning Development

All Υou Νeed to Κnow about Rapid eLearning Development

Rapid Learning (or Rapid eLearning Development) refers to the creation of presentation slides enhanced through things like recorded narration on top or additional tests, or even collaboration activities between the slides.The aim of Rapid Learning is to create content modules within weeks rather than months: Rapid eLearning = Fast Development + Concurrent Instructional Design & Implementation + Short Courses

Rapid Learning Software Applications
  • Rapid Learning can be found as an online service or as a feature of desktop authoring tools/software.
  • Each slide of a Rapid Learning presentation is a learning object, where tests and online activities can be added between the slides.
  • Combining Rapid Learning presentations with Screencasts (filming screen and mouse movement) is a powerful way of authoring courses.
Best Practice Recommendations
  • Conduct needs-analysis and instructional design before building the online module.
  • Use tests and online activities to enhance presentation-based content
  • Create interactivity in your courses by including scenarios in the content.
  • Blend Rapid Learning courses you create with your existing learning management system.

Webanywhere offer custom and rapid elearning content development services to deliver courses that transform performance.

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