4 Amazing Features Of Lectora Inspire For Rapid eLearning

4 Amazing Features Of Lectora Inspire For Rapid eLearning Infographic

Rapid eLearning is the order of the day because it aims at quick completion of online training development and cuts down the cost involved in eLearning development. When you are required to rollout training programs within a strict timeline, you have authoring tools to turn to for rapid eLearning development. Lectora Inspire is one such tool for rapid eLearning development.
Now, what makes Lectora Inspire a good choice for rapid eLearning development? Did you know that Lectora Inspire was the first tool to offer HTML5 output for eLearning development? Can Lectora Inspire make your rapid eLearning courses responsive? Can you design branching scenarios using this tool? Does it offer a variety of assessment types? Does it offer support for eLearning translations?

This infographic answers all these questions and more. Check four features of Lectora Inspire that make it an apt tool for rapid eLearning development.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-development/lectora-inspire-rapid-elearning-infographic
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