Rapid eLearning Development Projects Infographic

Rapid eLearning Development Projects Infographic

Here are some tips and best practices that will ensure the success of your rapid eLearning development:

  • Planned go-live date
    Identify the time frame to go-live and evaluate if the project (and content) is apt for rapid eLearning development.
  • Authoring tool selection
    Confirm if the Subject Matter Expert is familiar with the tool. Otherwise, plan for an associated learning curve and determine if this will impact the planned go-live date.
  • Readiness of the source content
    Confirm if the existing raw content needs further processing or it is ready to hit development.
  • Choose right templates and visual impact
    Explore the authoring tool and identify the right templates that provide the desired visual impact and will aid learners retain this effectively.
  • Engage the learners through relevant interactions
    Use scenarios and pause and reflect templates to help them understand the real-world dynamics.
  • Select an effective assessment strategy
    Plan for adequate check-points and end of course assessments through varied templates.
Via: https://www.eidesign.net/rapid-elearning-development-projects/
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