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Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten Infographic

Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten Infographic The Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten Infographic features everyday things families can do to make sure their child enters Kindergarten ready to learn. When a child enters kindergarten ready to learn, they start building a foundation for school success. Top 6 Ways to Get Your Child Ready […]

Advantages of Early Childhood Education Infographic

Advantages of Early Childhood Education Infographic Early childhood education has been proven to benefit children's academic success and overall well being as an adult. Children who attend preschool do significantly better in high school than children who do not. Those who attend preschool also benefit once they enter adulthood. The Advantages of Early Childhood Education […]

How Far Behind Are We On Preschool Infographic

Preschool Infographic Early childhood education and school readiness is essential to preparing our children to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy. Compared to other countries, however, the United States lags far behind on preschool, trailing a number of other countries in enrollment, investment, and quality. Both President Barack Obama and the Center for American […]

Brain Essential Learning Steps For Preschoolers Infographic

Education is an extremely important part of a child’s development and does not have to wait until he or she enters elementary school. Preschool education is very beneficial for young learners and gives them the foundational skills they need to succeed later in life—both in and out of the classroom. The Brain Essential Learning Steps […]

Why Early Education Is Vital Infographic

Everyone has their own view on when a child should start school; while many kids begin to go to preschool as early as age three, some places in the world delay schooling until kids are six or seven. In studies of the US educational system, however, data points overwhelmingly toward the notion that when it […]

Early Education Infographic

Children who receive high quality early education are more likely to show improved reading, improved math, stay in school longer, graduate from high school, and attend a full-year college.