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How To Flip A Classroom Infographic

The How To Flip A Classroom Infographic shows some tips and general guidelines on how to flip a classroom. The online learning industry has grown significantly over the past few years. Fueled by technology advancements, it has changed the way we perceive education in general. Student engagement and learning outcomes have become key points of interest in all types of online learning. The digital era has brought many tools that now allow for a more collaborative kind of classroom. A good example of this is the increasingly popular tendency to “flip a classroom.” This inversion of the traditional teaching model generates more interaction between teacher, student and course material.

Also at the Teacher’s Guide to Flipped Classroom you will be able to answer what is a flipped classroom, how does a flipped classroom contribute to student learning, the top benefits and disadvantages of a flipped classroom, and last but not least, how to successfully Flip your classroom.


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  • MSL formerly dancinggirl1555

    If a “flipped classroom” is about instituting digital learning…each student using a computer screen and a keyboard…., how can that also be a “collaborative kind of classroom”? And what is it about students using a screen and a keyboard that translates into generating “more interaction between teacher, student and course material”? Parents need to analyze the rhetoric they’re being fed by all the proponents of digital learning and flipped classrooms, because most, if not all, of it doesn’t make sense, like Education Reimagined’s claim that students need special preparation to face “great social and economic challenges.” Really? Do they honestly expect us to believe the challenges of tomorrow will be greater than what Americans faced going forward after October 29, 1929 and December 7, 1941. Be careful what you believe.