How to Study Successfully Infographic

How to Study Successfully Infographic

How to Study Successfully Infographic

Students are rarely taught how to study successfully and effectively. Yet research shows that developing good study habits and adopting proven study techniques and methods can be the difference between doing well and badly in exams.Effective study strategies can also give students an edge that pushes them a grade higher. Achieving an A grade instead of a B grade could be as simple as changing a few study habits.

If you’re serious about improving your studying, reducing your study stress and doing well when it matters, then check out the full results of our survey in the How to Study Successfully Infographic. Stop Procrastinating surveyed 3000 students to find out their most successful study habits and techniques. The responses reveal for the first time the best and most successful study hacks, methods and strategies that are proven to work.

Effective Study Techniques

It’s not surprising to reveal that the students who were the most successful used science-backed techniques.Many didn’t realise, however,  that their own study strategies had been proven to work time and time again by research. Some students were adopting them naturally.

Yet many more weren’t using them at all. In fact many were worried that they didn’t know how to study. Many others didn’t realise that they could change their study habits – that with a few changes to their study methods their performance in the classroom could be improved, sometimes dramatically.

Many of the study techniques in the study not only helped boost performance but also helped students enjoy student life more. And importantly they also helped reduce exam stress. The study also discovered the non-study or extra-curricular activities students found most damaging to their ability to concentrate.

Study smarter

The research revealed that studying and achieving higher grades isn’t necessarily about working all the time. It is more about how they study. In fact,  studying too much for long protracted periods of time can makes things worse. It can make students irritable, lose concentration, and become bored. Balance was critical to a successful student life.

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