10 Must-Have Study Habits For Student Success

10 Must-Have Study Habits For Student Success

10 Must-Have Study Habits For Student Success—Infographic

This infographic by Writing Help reveals ten habits for every college student to develop if they want to succeed. Based on the principles of psychology and the human brain's work, it encourages better self-organization, time management, and lifestyle for proactivity, productivity, and study-life balance.

The habits include:

1. - Prepare a study place where you can avoid distractions.
2. - Say no to multitasking. (It doesn't work!)
3. - Master the art of self-planning and discipline.
4. - Be curious at school (Don't hesitate to ask questions at lectures).
5. - Have a to-do list at hand every day.
6. - Sleep 7-8 hours at night.
7. - Learn to schedule and prioritize tasks.
8. - Take notes.
9. - Read more.
10. - Revise your menu: Eat more green vegetables, nuts, and fish to "fuel" your brain.

Via: https://writing-help.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Must-Have-Study-Habits-for-Student-Success.pdf
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