Millennials and Media Consumption Infographic

Millennials and Media Consumption Infographic

Millennials and Media Consumption Infographic

The millennial generation has been a game-changing demographic group for both advertisers and marketers. Glued to smart technology, this tech-savvy generation wants information instantaneously. As this group is quickly becoming a large consumer base, advertisers are seeking to tap into their buying potential. The Millennials and Media Consumption Infographic breaks down this generation’s demographics and media viewing habits.

Who Are the Millennials?

Gender Breakdown:

  • 47% Male
  • 53% Female

Race Breakdown:

  • 18.5% Hispanic
  • 14,2% Black
  • 4.3% Asian
  • 3.2% Mixed
  • 59.8% White

Main News Source

It wasn’t too long ago that newspapers and radio were the leading news sources. This technology friendly generation prefers to find their news elsewhere:

  • Television 65%
  • Internet 59%
  • Newspaper 24%
  • Radio 18%

Media Engagement

The millennial generation takes media consumption and engagement to an all-time high.

  • Millennials spend 18 hours a day consuming media
  • 72% use free streaming video such as Youtube and Hulu making it the no 1 used viewing source.
  • 60% use subscription video on demand Netflix, Amazon Instant Video etc.)
  • 46% use pay TV
  • 22% of media viewing time is dedicated to traditional TV series
  • 17% of media viewing time is dedicated to Youtube/Classess/Gameplay
  • 14% of media viewing time is dedicated to movies and sports
  • 50% of millennials watch an online video at least once per day

Why are millennials choosing online viewing?

  • Immediate access 56%
  • Multitasking 49%
  • Convenience of viewing location 44%

Social Media and Mobile Engagement

  • 5.4 hours per day on social media
  • Over 65% of millennials embrace brands on social media
  • 71% engage in social media daily
  • 71% use hyper-targeted radio like Pandora, iHearRadio and Spotify
  • Check smartphones 43 times per day

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