The Life of a 27 year old in America – Millennials Infographic

What Do You Do When You’re 27? - Millennials Infographic

Older millennials were blindsided by the recession, and one of the first generations to take out massive debt for school. They are also one of the tech-savviest generations, and attended post-secondary institutions more than any other generation. Lets take a look at how they’re doing — at 27.

More than likely they would:

  • Have an office and administrative support occupation
  • Make $10-$14.99/hour
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree
  • Have $30,000+ in debt
  • Be somewhat stressed about finances
  • Be Single with 0 kids
  • Rent with a partner
  • Live within 9 miles of where they went to 10th grade
  • From the largest longitudinal study of this generation.
  • Tens of thousands of students were monitored from the 10th grade to 27.

The tale of 27-year-olds is one of education, it’s skyrocketing price, and a recession job market.


  • Bachelors or higher: 33%
  • Associate’s Degree: 9%
  • Undergraduate Certificate: 10%
  • Postsecondary attendance, no credential: 32%
  • High school diploma or equivalent: 13%
  • Less than high school completion: 3%

Living Arrangements:

  • Traditionally, most people are married and settled into their own homes by 27.
  • Many more 27 year old’s area living at home than past generations.
  • 19% living alone
  • 42% living with a spouse or partner
  • 10% living with roommate(s)
  • 23% living with parents
  • 6% other

Where are you at in your life?

  • 19% working and taking postsecondary courses
  • 63% working for pay only
  • 5% taking postsecondary courses only
  • 13% not working for pay or taking postsecondary courses

Student Loans:

  • 40%–no loans
  • 16%– $0-$10,000
  • 20%–$10,000-$25,000
  • 13%–$25,000-$50,000
  • 11%–$50,000+

The largest minority of those who dropped out of high school made less than $2000 last year
While the largest minority of those with bachelor’s degree or higher made $40,000+
That’s a 20x increase.

Higher education leads to greater job stability.
And greater options of where to work, thus less financial stress.

More educated 27-year-olds are single with no kids, pushing the average age of marriage to historically high levels.

About 1/4 of 27-year-olds move a great distance away from their high school.

  • 1/4th stay within 100 miles, and
  • 1/2 stay within 10 miles
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