The Managing Millennials Infographic

The Managing Millennials Infographic

Managing Millennials Infographic

With millennials making up 36% of the workforce by the end of this year, your organization needs to understand their motivations

Catering to a younger workforce means major changes for the way your organization does business, from hiring to leadership succession planning. Skip the one-note training and insufficient onboarding, and you’ll find that while millennial employees might be fickle, their new ideas and enthusiasm could mean it’s worth your while.

Free eBook: Managing Millennials - Tailoring Your Hiring, Training and Onboarding Strategy

The free eBook includes the following 5 chapters:

  1. Chapter One | At First Sight
    What's the big deal with millennials? Packed with potential and a ton of great ideas, employers need to understand the Gen Y workforce before harnessing their enthusiasm and innovation on the job – or risk getting burned.
  2. Chapter Two | Laws of Attraction
    Are employers looking for love in all the wrong places? If you want to attract a millennial workforce, you need to go where the millennials are – and that doesn't mean Craigslist.
  3. Chapter Three | The Honeymoon Phase
    Sure, you're totally in "like" with your millennials. But bad onboarding can turn a relationship sour before it becomes love. By communicating with millennials the way they want to be communicated with, you speak their language and improve integration.
  4. Chapter Four | Relationship Maintenance
    The basis of any solid work relationship, perpetual training and education helps fortify foundations while shaping millennials into the employees you need.
  5. Chapter Five | Making the Commitment
    Millennials are hungry for leadership roles, so you need to prove you're invested with adequate succession planning and opportunities. If you're not willing to commit, fickle millennials will bolt.

@jmass (Head of Digital Learning Innovation @Adobe) provides insight into their unique onboarding process.

Download the free eBook for more detail on how to convert a summer intern into a future employee. Get the full eBook here:

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