Learner Engagement Toolkit Infographic

Learner Engagement Toolkit Infographic

Learner Engagement Toolkit Infographic

Are you struggling when it comes to getting your learners engaged? Whether it's a brand new eLlearning launch or simply distributing a new course to existing users, making sure you've got learner engagement is the key to the success of your eLearning.

The Learner Engagement Toolkit Infographic highlights the most important tools in an effective learner engagement toolbox. Whether you are launching for the first time or simply looking to re-engage with existing users, you need the right tools. From communication to user-friendly design, it's important that you've got the right mix.

Communication Strategy

  • Encourage conversation.
  • Understand what method of communication will work best.
  • Ask your supplier about a Marketing Engagement Pack.
  • Engage with the communications team.
  • Decide who needs to know what and when.

Launch Strategy

  • Pick a date - this is your target for launch.
  • Decide on the approach e.g. big bang, soft or pilot.
  • Involve staff pre-launch.
  • Incentives - offer some freebies like cakes, lunch, badges etc.
  • Be brave - remember you've got this!

The right people

  • Pick your team, administrators & authors.
  • Know your stakeholders.
  • Get senior management buy-in.
  • Identify champions and use them wisely.

A warm welcome

  • Site tour - walk your new-starts through your site via a webinar or drop-in session.
  • Share a welcome video from your CEO or colleagues prior to their first day.
  • Highlight links to learning plans, mandatory policies and documents via a user-guide.

User friendliness

  • Less is more for effective learner engagement.
  • Help the learner - notify them of available support.
  • Be patient - engagement doesn't happen overnight.
  • Make your site a one-stop shop - host all your resources, courses, FAQs &
    policies in a dedicated area.

Ultimately, you want your learners to be engaged, enthused and motivated by their learning path.

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