10 Tips to Get eLearners Engaged Infographic

10 Tips to Get eLearners Engaged Infographic

10 Tips to Get eLearners Engaged Infographic

Are you looking for a fresh approach to engaging your learners? Learner engagement is at the heart of successful and memorable learning. Getting learners engaged, enthused and motivated by their learning path is a strategic objective of many learning and development professionals. And it's not always an easy task. The 10 Tips to Get eLearners Engaged Infographic presents ten ways you can improve learner engagement in online courses.

1. Homepage messaging.

Add hyperlinked messaging to your homepage ticker-tape to get people clicking on a new or mandatory course that you want to get more learners to enrol on.

2. Promote your course.

A block on the side of your screen with an image linking learners to your latest course is a good way to drive traffic.

3. Add "What's Next?".

When users have reached the end of a course and have picked up their certificate, don't let them walk away. Add a section promoting other courses that the learner may find useful.

4. Bulk enrol

If you've a number of mandatory courses that you need learners to complete, don't wait for them to get around to enrolling, simply enrol everyone.

5. Update old courses.

We all have at least one course that we want to give a makeover. Now is the ideal time to take another look at it. Rethink it & rebuild!

6. Add badges.

The buzz around Open Badges is growing. Studies are showing that they incentivise learners to complete courses. Not only do they look great on a user's profile but they can be exported to external sites so that learners can build an online profile.

7. Set a recurrence option.

Take away the headache of having to remind people to retake a course. Where you have courses that learners need to take every year or two years, you can set up "Recurrence" on your LMS or "Certification" on Totara LMS.

8. Beat the forgetting curve.

Using Learning Pool's Encore it's really easy to add timed, events after course completion to remind users of what they've learned. These can be simple text or you can be more sophisticated with quiz questions, audio or even video memory cues.

9. Check your evaluations.

We all evaluate but do we always take the time to analyse what users are saying? Set aside some time see what people think of your courses.

10. Check how your quiz performs.

We use quizzes to check that our learners are actually absorbing the knowledge that we have given them but have you ever checked to see if your quiz is performing well? It may be that you find that one question constantly trips up your learners.

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Via: http://www.learningpool.com/ten-top-tips-get-your-learners-engaged
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