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Closing The Engagement Gap Infographic

Closing The Engagement Gap Infographic The truth about employee feedback, and what happens when you don't get it. Engagement & Feedback - Everybody Wants It 75% of HR leaders indicate that employee engagement has become more important in the last two to three years but... the majority of employees are rarely asked for their feedback (less […]

5 Ways to Get More eLearning Course Clicks Infographic

5 Ways to Get More eLearning Course Clicks Infographic It would be great to work in a world where simply providing great elearning would ensure staff were engaged, well trained and meet compliance standards. Sadly, engagement with learning resources is not automatic and often drops off over time. Initial requests for staff to access elearning […]

Learner Engagement Toolkit Infographic

Learner Engagement Toolkit Infographic Are you struggling when it comes to getting your learners engaged? Whether it's a brand new eLlearning launch or simply distributing a new course to existing users, making sure you've got learner engagement is the key to the success of your eLearning. The Learner Engagement Toolkit Infographic highlights the most important […]