How to Learn Anything Faster Infographic

How to Learn Anything Faster Infographic

How to Learn Anything Faster Infographic

Whether you are a teacher or student you can improve your ability to learn anything faster by following these tips:

1. Stop multitasking

One of the biggest problems preventing us from learning faster, multitasking causes new information to go to the wrong part of our brain. Moving back and forth between tasks wastes productivity as our brain can’t pay attention to multiple tasks at the same time.

Don’t insist you can, it’s just an illusion...

2. Don't reinvent the wheel

Find someone who already master the skills you are willing to learn and model the path they already followed. This way you can learn new things in a shorter period of time.

3. Repetition, repetition, repetition

The more attempts you make to learn something, the more the brain reinforces the necessary skills until you can do it subconsciously.

4. Let your mind wander

Schedule some quality time to let your mind wander, as healthy breaks allow your brain to rest and avoid creative blocks. Going for a walk or having a long bath are some good examples of mind-wandering.

5. Relate new learning to prior knowledge

Allowing your brain to create connections between new information and what you already know will help you remember it later.

Learning management systems (or virtual learning environments) can help you learn anything faster as they are designed to give immediate feedback after each training session.

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