How To Choose Your University

How To Choose Your University

How To Choose Your University—Infographic

The process of applying for universities is a stressful process for 12th class students. Between juggling exam preparation and the fear of missing out on application deadlines, it can become difficult to understand the right places to apply to. Here is a guide to choosing the right university for you.

1. Identify Your Interests

The university and undergraduate program you choose will determine your career path, so it should be something that you are actually interested in. Think about your hobbies, interests, and favorite FSc subjects. Also, think about which subjects you tend to score well on for the BISE board exams. Imagine yourself working in that particular field.

2. Select Programs Of Interest

After determining your interests, look for relevant university programs for undergraduate students. For example, if you are interested in money management, then you can choose university programs such as business administration, accounting and finance, chartered accounting, etc.

3. Match Your Subjects To Program Requirements

Read up on the general subject requirements for each program that you are interested in. For example, for mechanical engineering, the program may require you to study Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in your FSc. Furthermore, your BISE board exam scores should meet the minimum requirements for the program. Your FSc subjects should match the subject requirements to make you eligible to apply for that program.

4. Meet All The Other Requirements

Some universities have other requirements aside from the FSc subjects. For example, a certain BISE board exam score, standardized test scores, English proficiency test, personal statement, etc., may be required in order to be eligible to apply for certain universities and undergraduate programs. Make sure you meet these requirements.

5. Check The University Rankings

Check the university rankings and reviews, according to your relevant program. For example, one university may not have the greatest overall ranking but may be good for your particular program. Consider these rankings while you search for possible universities.

6. Narrow Down The Options

At this point, you must have identified which universities are feasible to apply for given your particular FSc subjects, program requirements, costs and tuition fees, distance, reviews, etc. Shortlist the most appealing university options.

7. Send Out Applications

Fill out the application form for each university and attach the relevant documents. Make sure at this point that you have also fulfilled all the requirements of the program. Make sure that you send out the application forms well ahead of the deadline date.

8. Make Your Final Decision

Wait to hear back from the universities, and focus on your final BISE board exam preparation now. After receiving the acceptance letters, you must make your final decision. This should be based on which university seems most appropriate based on how well it meets your budget, distance, and all other factors. Trust your instincts when deciding which university will ultimately be best for you!

Follow these steps to find the most suitable university for you to attend after 12th class. Good luck!

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