AP Fun Facts Infographic

AP Fun Facts Infographic

AP Fun Facts Infographic

How prepared are students for the exam?

5 Most Taken AP Exams

  1. English Language
  2. The US History
  3. English Literature
  4. The US Government and Politics 
  5. Calculus AB

2/5 Students wish they had studied more. Out of those students, most wished they reviewed FRQ more.

Don't Forget A Snack.

  • The things students regretted most was forgetting a snack.
  • Second, was a jacket.
  • Third, was a watch. 11% did not have a clock or watch to keep pace.
  • 10% did not bring a pencil.
  • 39% of the students did not bring a snack to the test.
  • Out of the students who did bring one, 15% wish they had brought more.
  • 15% of students who needed a calculator did not bring one.
  • Luckily, only 5% of the calculators were dying during the test.
  • 9% of the students did not eat before the test.
  • 8% of students had a phone go off in their testing room.

Most Forgetful

  • 9th graders are the most forgetful when it comes to bringing everything they need.
  • 17% of the students did not set an alarm for the test.
  • And yet... 98% of students made it to the exam on time.
Via: https://www.albert.io/blog/ap-fun-facts/
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