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7 Reasons Why Corporates Should Adopt Gamification Infographic

7 Reasons Why Corporates Should Adopt Gamification Infographic

Gamification creates a more effective and engaging learning experience. Gamification can be used effectively to help the learners apply their learning on-the-job through real life situations in a controlled environment. At EI Design, they have an established gamification practice and have seen a steady increase in the last two years in its adoption for serious learning (for corporate training). This infographic lists 7 reasons why corporates should adopt gamification for corporate training.

Take a look at some of the courses they have built which feature the use of Gamification in business for almost all of your training needs such as Induction, Soft skills, Compliance and so on. Checkout EI Design Blog for more learning resources on Gamification. Below are a few articles you may be Interested:

EI Design brings in 14 years of expertise servicing customers across 16 countries catering to their varied eLearning needs. They have delivered more than 6500 hours of content (of which over 1000 hours is for mobile learning). They also have a strong expertise in localising content in 26 global languages.


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