Gamification Trends In 2020

Gamification Trends In 2020

Gamification Trends In 2020—Infographic

Here is a list of 5 gamification trends in 2020, packed with tips and ideas you can use to engage your learners better. For each gamification trend, we have provided practical tips on how you can leverage it.

1. Maturing Of Gamification For Learning

This year shows a maturing of the usage of gamification without the hype we have seen so far. It is coming of age and is moving beyond badges and leaderboards. Today, it is much easier and quicker—and cheaper—to craft effective gamification solutions on account of the maturing of authoring tools. There are several use cases that show what strategies work and what don't. There is also a shift from game-based learning to using gamification techniques at various levels.


Much in line with traditional eLearning, you can use elements of gamification:

  • For skill-building and proficiency gain
  • To help the application of learning on the job
  • To influence behavioral change (through longer-term implementation)

2. Acceleration In Adoption With An Increase In Mobile Learning And Microlearning

The year is also witnessing an acceleration in the adoption of gamification as more organizations opt for mobile learning and leverage microlearning-based training formats.


You can opt for gamification approaches that are bite-sized and optimized for smartphones. They provide learning on the go and can be designed to facilitate application on the job or help learners in proficiency gain.

3. Wider Range For Application Areas

With more and more successful use cases, gamification techniques are being applied at various levels. You can use gamification (partial or full) as follows:

  • To make traditional eLearning courses interesting by using partial gamification techniques
  • Fully gamified approaches to address varied training needs (includes formal, informal, collaborative, and performance support intervention)
  • To support and prep up ILT programs through gamified learning aids
  • Gamified portals
  • Game-based learning


We see an acceleration in the adoption of gamification, particularly in the first 3 formats rather than the game-based learning. The gamified portals can be applied to certain niche applications. We have used them for induction and onboarding with success.

4. Usage Across Varied Corporate Trainings

With the maturing of gamification practice, partial or fully gamified strategies are being used to address most of the corporate training needs.


There are several use cases that showcase the successful implementation of gamification for learning across various corporate trainings. You can certainly evaluate using gamification for:

  • Induction and onboarding
  • Sales training
  • Leadership training
  • Professional skills training
  • Application simulations training
  • Compliance training

5. Moving Toward The Use Of Next-Gen Gamification Techniques

Next-gen gamification techniques will help you uplift the impact of your trainings manifold. You could opt for:

  • Longer-term gamification
  • Multiply the impact
  • Leverage on microlearning-based gamification
  • Social learning-based gamification
  • Invest in niche gamification portals.
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