What To Do If You Study Abroad And Feel Homesick

What To Do If You Study Abroad And Feel Homesick

What To Do If You Study Abroad And Feel Homesick—Infographic

Moving to college is a big step, especially if you’re going to study abroad. You often have to leave behind your family, friends, and familiar places. It’s easy to understand why so many students feel homesick.

Homesickness is the emotion caused by being separated from places and people you love. Anyone can be affected, whether you study in another town or abroad. New students suffer from it more frequently than senior students. The good news, though, according to the National Union of Students, is that most of the symptoms fade by the fourth week of classes.

If you are going to study away from home, check out this infographic to learn more about the symptoms of homesickness, tips on how to overcome it, and warnings about what you should avoid doing if you are feeling anxious. These tips are useful whether you’ll be going to a college a few miles away or entirely in another country.

Via: https://ivypanda.com/blog/homesickness-101/
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