What is Social Learning? Infographic

Social Learning Infographic

We would like to share Knowledge Transmission's Social Learning infographic poster from their presentation at Mextesol (the annual conference of English teachers in Mexico, with over 2,500 teachers attending for 4 days).

Knowledge Transmission wanted to highlight the massive worldwide trends which mean that their Social Learning Platform makes it easy for teachers to improve students' learning & attainment by adopting the use of peer review via social media-like technology.

They also highlighted the educational research that shows the very positive attitude that students have to peer review and the pedagogical models that emphasize what enhances the retention of key knowledge by students.

The world is coming online and cheap smartphones and tablets are facilitating this move. The proliferation of social media users shows that young people around the world are eager to connect with their peers and are highly proficient at doing so in personal contexts. These developments in web technology can be used for an education purpose, particularly peer review, in which students can review each others’ work and give feedback - supporting & encouraging each other and reflecting on the key learning points as they do so.

There is a generation whose starting point for information & engagement is not printed materials (a book, a newspaper) - but online social platforms: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Students' learning of English in schools and universities needs to capitalize on this new form of literacy.

Knowledge Transmission spoke to lots of teachers during the presentations at MexTesol. They were already using some form of Social Learning, in traditional, non-digital ways, using peer review but only during class. They immediately saw the benefits of significantly extending the scope for such collaboration by enabling it take place outside of class. They were genuinely enthused by the functionality, usability and colorful design of the Social Learning Platform, one saying “What an interesting and beautiful thing!” They could all see that students would really welcome this approach to learning.

Social Learning gives students the chance to keep practicing outside of class, in a medium which engages them and prepares them for the emerging mobile & social web technologies.

Find out more at www.knowledgetransmission.com/social-platform/

Via: http://www.knowledgetransmission.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Social_Learning_Infographic.png
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