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How Emotional Intelligence Helps Students Infographic

How Emotional Intelligence Helps Students Infographic Success in the classroom depends on more than just your child’s IQ. The way your child identifies, understands and manages emotions can have an impact on everything from his or her relationships with classmates to performance in the classroom. Because of this, emotional intelligence is an important stepping stone […]

15 Science-Backed Memory Tips Infographic

15 Science-Backed Memory Tips Infographic The World Memory Champions can memorize 4,140 random binary digits in just a half an hour. But what about the regular person? There are ways to improve your memory that anyone can do - it just takes some practice. Follow these 15 science-backed memory skills to help you supercharge your […]

25 Ways to Learn Faster Infographic

25 Ways to Learn Faster Infographic We live in interesting times, and with so much information at our fingertips it can be frustrating trying to stay on top of our various interests and professional needs. Many of our jobs these days require us to learn new software or subject matters in a short period of […]

Tips to Improve Your Memory Infographic

Tips to Improve Your Memory Infographic Effective study can only be achieved if you’re able to focus your complete attention on what you are trying to learn. If you are unable to concentrate fully on what you are doing because you’re constantly being distracted, or your thoughts are going elsewhere, your process of learning will […]

Creating Adaptable Environments Infographic

Some things never seem to change on the college campus. At least on the outside. Except for the ever-present smartphone, the view of today’s university looks remarkably similar to that of a generation ago or even longer. But a closer look finds a transformation is well underway. A peek into the buildings reveals a very […]

The Evolution of Teaching Methods Infographic

The Evolution of Teaching Methods Infographic presents how teaching methods have evolved over the last 300 years. In Colonial times the teacher kept order in the classroom with strict discipline and a touch of intimidation. Now, teachers are encouraged to be friendly and keep order by engaging kids so that they want to pay attention. […]

Video Games Transforming Education Infographic

Video games utilized for education can have unique and positive effects. The Video Games Transforming Education Infographic demonstrates how games are affecting education and explores what types of skills video games develop and which are the most educational video games.

The Digital Classroom 2013 Infographic

When educators look back on 2013–2014, likely they will see it as the year that the one-to-one classroom environment became just a regular classroom. No longer is a school in which each student has access to a tech device for learning a novelty. Districts and independent schools, if they are not currently rolling out a […]

What is Social Learning? Infographic

Social Learning Infographic We would like to share Knowledge Transmission's Social Learning infographic poster from their presentation at Mextesol (the annual conference of English teachers in Mexico, with over 2,500 teachers attending for 4 days). Knowledge Transmission wanted to highlight the massive worldwide trends which mean that their Social Learning Platform makes it easy for […]

A History of Learning and Mobile Technology Infographic

Throughout history, the way people learn has evolved enormously, no more so than the advent of mobile technology over 40 years ago. ActiveLearn Go is leading the way in using mobile-technology innovation to enhance the learning experience of students and defining the future of learning. This infographic places ActiveLearn Go in context, as the point […]