Secondary School Science Labs Infographic

Secondary School Science Labs Infographic

UK Secondary School Science Labs

To help build a picture of the overall quality of secondary school science labs in the UK, the team at Innova Design Solutions conducted a survey with leading teaching professionals. The results are presented in the Secondary School Science Labs Infographic offering some real insights.

A shocking 49.5% of teaching professionals are not confident about pupil safety in science lessons. 63% of respondents view science labs as low tech. The overall suitability of labs came out terribly with 85% of respondents stating that facilities don’t bring out the best in themselves or pupils. This is particularly worrying as 69% of respondents reported that facilities had been recently refurbished.

The results of this survey come from educational professionals - not external review bodies. They therefore raise concerns about the use of public funds and throw commissioning and procurement into focus.

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