The State of Video in Education 2017 Infographic

The State of Video in Education 2017 Infographic

The State of Video in Education 2017 Infographic

Video has become a major part of education, used in classrooms around the world. The uniquely compelling nature of video, engaging multiple senses in an easy-to-understand, information-dense format, has made it wildly popular in our daily lives. Through video, we can join and share experiences around the world. We can broadcast an event live, and capture it to be watched again and again. Video has become a major component of our personal lives as well as a huge driver in the business world. Today’s students expect to learn with the help of video, while prospective employers expect them to leave education with the video skills necessary to participate in a digital culture. So it’s no surprise that video plays a major role on campus.

Video has proven to be a massively powerful tool, helping improve comprehension, retention, discovery, and accessibility. It’s not limited to the classroom, either. Video continues to spread across campuses, proving its value in every department.

To gain greater insight into how video is being used and perceived in educational institutions, including the latest thoughts on value, emerging technologies, and future use cases, Kaltura  undertook their fourth annual online survey during May and June 2017.Over a thousand members of the educational community responded. Many took the additional time to add their own insightful comments, some of which you can read in this report.

Survey participants this year included: instructional designers, educators, media and IT professionals, senior administrators, and students from around the globe, the majority from higher education but including K-12 and further/continuing education institutions, educational technology organizations, and foundations and other nonprofits in the space. We are extremely grateful to all participants for their time and insight.

Kaltura just released the State of Video in Education 2017 report, which is full of all kinds of amazing insights on how educators around the world are using video.  To mark the release, they wanted to share an infographic showing the impact video has had on education.

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