The Impact of Video in Education Infographic

The Impact of Video in Education Infographic presents how to strategically adopt video technologies into teaching and learning, and how to best guide students in the development of 21st century skills to prepare them for their role as global citizens. It is a perfect moment for educators everywhere to re-assess their use of video and to make the key decisions about how best to incorporate it into their students’ learning experience.

The Impact of Video In Education

  • Video is becoming a preferred channel of communication
  • Internet video accounts for 40% of all internet traffic in 2012
  • By 2016, it is expected that number will jump to 62%
  • Video helps students become actively engaged in their learning
  • Video helps maximize school resources
  • It increases engagement and excitement among students
  • Video can help facilitate collaboration
  • Video is appropriate for various learning styles
  • It helps improve learning outcomes
  • 68% of teachers believe that video content helps stimulate discussions
  • 66% believe it helps increase student motivation
  • 55% believe that it helps teachers be more creative
  • 62% believe that it helps teachers be more effective
  • 91% of UMASS students felt that using lecture capture helped them learn course material
  • 44% of high school students in a study scored higher on their exams when material was presented in video format

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