The 11 Most Common CV Writing Questions Answered Infographic

The 11 Most Common CV Writing Questions Answered Infographic

The 11 Most Common CV Writing Questions Answered Infographic

If you are looking to write an interview-winning CV then naturally you will have some questions. StandOut CV have compiled the 11 most frequently asked CV questions and provided the answers to them all in this handy infographic.

How long should my CV be?
In order to sell yourself without boring employers and recruiters, your CV should be about 2 pages in length.

What do employers look for?
Employers look for your ability to perform their job, so make sure that you include the skills and knowledge that they ask for in job adverts

What font should I use in a CV?
Use a clear and simple font to create an easily readable CV with a professional outlook

Should I add a photo of myself?
Unless you are a model or actor then a photo is not required to prove your value to an employer

Is it necessary to include ALL of my experience?
You should include all of your experience but don't go into too much detail with older or irrelevant roles

Do I need to include my date of birth on my CV?
Employers are only interested in your relevant skills and experience, they don't need to know your age to make hiring decisions.

Should I hide employment gaps on my CV?
To be transparent, you should mention any long gaps of employment but try to put a positive reason in such as study, travelling and personal projects.

Should I include hobbies and interests in my CV?
Interests are optional but you should include them if you think they could have a positive impact on your application.

Do I need a cover letter?
You should add a cover letter to your application to ensure that you give recruiters a reason to open your CV

Should I include references in my CV?
Referees will not be contacted until offer stage so you don't need to include them in your CV

What if I have no work experience?
If you don't have any direct work experience that is relevant to the roles you are applying for then try to highlight your non-work gained skills such as education and voluntary work.

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