How to Tailor a Resume to a Job Description Infographic

How to Tailor a Resume to a Job Description Infographic

How to Tailor a Resume to a Job Description Infographic

If you've found the job ad of *your* dreams, you need to provide your prospective employer with a resume of *their* dreams. The tips in this infographic will help you tailor your resume to the prospective employer's needs and wants.

First off, you need to read the job posting carefully. Mark any words and phrases suggesting what is necessary to take on the job. Now you've got a convenient list of required skills, traits, and experience.

Do you have what it takes?

If so, be sure to mention it in your resume. Use the words and phrases from the ad itself. Don't go overboard by copy-pasting each potential buzzword or skill keyword. The end reader is a human, so use natural sentences. However, you want to stick to the phrases used in the ad to make the most of the applicant tracking system (ATS) software. These nifty little apps scan each resume in search for specific words; they're not geniuses, so they rely heavily on whatever the decisionmakers told them. They'are quite literal, so help them out by using the vocabulary they know.

Sprinkle the most important skill keywords throughout your resume, including the experience section, skills section, and resume objective or summary. Check out the infographic for a step by step breakdown of what we mean!

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