7 Ways to Prove Impact in Your CV Infographic

7 Ways to Prove Impact in Your CV Infographic

7 Ways to Prove Impact in Your CV Infographic

When writing your CV, it’s important to show that you make an impact in your roles. Instead of looking to simply list your responsibilities, you should always try to demonstrate the effect your work has on your employer, colleagues or customers. Use the following 7 methods to prove your impact.

1. Costs saved

All employers love to save money, whether they are private firms, non-profits or public sector organisations. If your CV includes some solid examples of how you have cut spending in a role, that’s an instant benefit to a hiring manager

2. Problems solved

Businesses are faced with problems on a daily basis, so it’s worth demonstrating your problem solving abilities. Use your CV to explain the problems you solve within your organisation and externally.

3. Time saved

Time is our most precious resource and employers love to see it spent wisely. If you are able to implement processes that save your colleagues precious time, recruiters will be impressed.

4. People helped

A helpful employee is a valuable asset to any organisation. Use your CV to highlight how you help those around you achieve their goals, including colleagues, stakeholders, customers and more.

 5. Revenue generated

Generating revenue is imperative for most organisations, especially in the private sector. And t’s not only sales staff who are responsible for making sales. If you’ve made contributions that have led to sales such as generated leads or improved a sales process, then mention it in your CV.

6. Awards and recognition

Industry awards and recognition from respected peers in your field are great signals to recruiters that you are an achiever and making a notable impact at work.

7. Work produced

The type of work you deliver will differ greatly depending on your industry; it could be anything from a webpage or a marketing campaign to physical products like houses and cars. Whatever you produce, be sure to specify the results of your hard work in your CV.

Via: http://standout-cv.com/pages/cv-writing-tips
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