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Gamification Trends In 2020

Gamification Trends In 2020—Infographic Here is a list of 5 gamification trends in 2020, packed with tips and ideas you can use to engage your learners better. For each gamification trend, we have provided practical tips on how you can leverage it. 1. Maturing Of Gamification For Learning This year shows a maturing of the […]

10 Trends In Education In 2019

10 Trends In Education In 2019 Infographic 2019 is the year that promises to bring significant changes in educational processes. Distance learning with using VR let students to be present in the classroom in the USA being in their own country. Students will be able to travel and visit Amazon jungle, Everest and Antarctic from […]

How to Win at Work with Gamification Infographic

How to Win at Work with Gamification Infographic Customer programs aren’t the only way that business are using Gamification. They are using it to make their own workers happier and more productive. Companies as diverse as Pep Boys, Google and Bluewolf are taking advantage of people’s innate love of fun and games to influence their […]