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Are We Addicted To Facebook? Infographic

Are We Addicted To Facebook? Infographic In 2012 Maneesh Sethi, author of the Hack the System blog announced to his followers that he had hired a “slapper”. His new employee would be paid $8.00 an hour to slap him whenever he jumped onto Facebook. So how exactly did this start? Out of curiosity, Sethi decided […]

Why Should We Build A Digital Community? Infographic

Why Should We Build A Digital Community? Infographic So, what’s all the craze with digital communities? We’re glad you asked. Digital communities have a host of benefits for your business, which we’ll talk about in this short article and in the Why Should We Build A Digital Community? Infographic. But it must be emphasized that […]

Impact Of Social Media In Education Infographic

According to many parents, internet, more specifically social media is still the “big, bad wolf” in this urban jungle. But just like everything worthwhile in this world, social media is multifaceted, it has its pros and cons. Social media has opened up countless new venues for us, it has revolutionized many industries and eventually it […]

Social Media Is An Effective Hiring Tool Infographic

Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, google plus etc. give an unprecedented access to those individuals who have updated their career information that employers look for. Social media has been a valuable tool for employers and job seekers. Recent studies reveal that 93% employers use social media platforms to fulfill recruitment needs. At the […]

Growing up with Social Media Infographic

13 is the minimum age required by Facebook policy. However, 5 million users under the age of 10 have Facebook profiles. Would you like to explore the use of social media amongst the younger generations, and how it impacts their social lives during the most crucial stages of life?