The Timeline Of Social Media From 2002 – 2018 Infographic

The Timeline Of Social Media From 2002 – 2018 Infographic

The Timeline Of Social Media From 2002 – 2018 Infographic

The face of the internet was revolutionized in the early 2000s when the emergence of social media took the entire world by storm and left the people hooked to the services provided by different companies.

It wasn’t always like this; there were times when a world existed outside of the socially enticing digital forums and people used private diaries instead of public sites to share their daily happenings.

Internet was leisurely, lesser people knew about others and the trivial method of in-person contacts were the most recognizable means of socializing. All this changed, when the first sites of online communication were introduced.

Let's embark on the journey on how did this digital innovation turned our mundane world into a true global village with much-raised opportunities of getting acquainted with others and sharing your stories and ideas with them:

The Timeline Of Social Media

2002 - December

Founded LinkedIn

2003 - May

Launched LinkedIn

2004 - February

Launched Facebook

2005 - March

LinkedIn Jobs Launched

2006 - April

Achieves Profitability LinkedIn

2006 - June

Introduced People You May Know LinkedIn

2006 - July

Launched Twitter

2007 - June

400,000 Tweets Posted

2007 - December

Earned $150M Facebook

2008 - February

Mobile Version Launched LinkedIn

2008 - April

Launched FB Chat Facebook

2009 - January

Huge User Base Growth Twitter

2009 - February

Like Button Introduced Facebook

2010 - March

Launched Pinterest

2010 - September

New Logo Twitter

2010 - October

Launched Instagram

2010 - December

1M Users Registered Instagram

2011 - May

Reached 100M Professionals Worldwide LinkedIn

2012 - April

Raised $50M from Venture Capitalists Instagram

1M Download of App in 1 Day Instagram

Bought Instagram for $1B Facebook

2012 - May

IPO: $104B Facebook

2012 - June

6.5M Password Stolen LinkedIn

Bought for $1M

2012 - October

1B Users Facebook

2013 - March

Acquired Livestar Pinterest

Bought Oculus VR for $2B Facebook

2013 - April

Modified Logo Facebook

2013 - May

Two-Factor Login Verification Twitter

2013 - June

15 Seconds Video Instagram

2013 - October

Acquired HackerMeter Pinterest

2013 - November

Sponsored Post Advertising For Us Instagram

2014 - January

Acquired Image Recognition Visual Search Startup Visual Graph Pinterest

2014 - September

Raised $1.8B In Convertible Note Offering Twitter

2015 - January

New Search Filters Pinterest

2015 - February

CEO Admitted Service had lost users Twitter

For more details from then on, have a closer look at this incredible infographic!

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