Leadership Training Infographic

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Leadership & Management Skills

Leadership & Management Skills—Infographic Plethora’s ‘Leadership & Management Skills’ infographic puts the spotlight on some of the must-have skills for today’s leaders and managers, as leadership is one of the most important traits for managers, and vice versa. Needless to say, leadership training is not only critical for business growth and success, but also for […]

8 Reasons Why Companies Need A High-Potential Leadership Program

8 Reasons Why Companies Need A High-Potential Leadership Program—Infographic 1. Provide Transformational Experience Put employees out of their comfort zone to understand the fundamental aspects of personal growth and transformation. 88% of leaders reported improved skillset after a high-potential leadership program. 2. Improve Your Bottom Line Developing leaders within the organization improves customer satisfaction, reduces […]

6 Tips To Ensure Leadership Training Sticks Infographic

Billions of dollars are spent annually on leadership training for employees. Employers not only need to focus on the training aspect but the steps taken after the training process in order to assist in helping their employees retain the knowledge acquired while excelling in their leadership roles. Individual cannot just sit through leadership training and […]