8 Reasons Why Companies Need A High-Potential Leadership Program

8 Reasons Why Companies Need A High-Potential Leadership Program

8 Reasons Why Companies Need A High-Potential Leadership Program—Infographic

1. Provide Transformational Experience

Put employees out of their comfort zone to understand the fundamental aspects of personal growth and transformation. 88% of leaders reported improved skillset after a high-potential leadership program.

2. Improve Your Bottom Line

Developing leaders within the organization improves customer satisfaction, reduces costs and drives the possibility of a new line of revenue. 82% of executives prioritize developing the next generation of leaders.

3. Increase Organizational Agility

Steer through challenging times by increasing people's agility to respond rapidly in volatile business situations. In 2018, only 14% of companies had a strong bench strength, which is the lowest ever recorded.

4. Attract And Retain Talent

It increases employee engagement which results in better business results as the workforce is already aware of the company's vision. 67% of employees believe that leadership is a source of competitive advantage.

5. Ensure Return On Investment

Leadership program investment has noted a significant uplift as organizations highlight it as a continuous process to build effective workgroups. 86% of companies have indicated that they have got their initial investment back.

6. Improve Corporate Culture

Boost employees' morale and transform the company's vision and mission by including programs that involve mentoring. 60% of leaders prioritized on identifying their development needs themselves.

7. Provide High-Impact Challenges

Estimate the potential of employees by allowing them to participate in tasks that produce notable business results. 86% of leaders have shown the drive to take up leadership responsibilities.

8. Inspire Interdependent Thinking

It allows potential leaders to strategize in accordance with existing ideas to reduce turnaround time. 82% of organizations use various learning methodologies to support leadership development.

Via: https://www.infoprolearning.com/infographic/8-reasons-why-companies-need-a-high-potential-leadership-program/
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