Closing The Engagement Gap Infographic

Closing The Engagement Gap Infographic

Closing The Engagement Gap Infographic

The truth about employee feedback, and what happens when you don't get it.

Engagement & Feedback - Everybody Wants It

75% of HR leaders indicate that employee engagement has become more important in the last two to three years but... the majority of employees are rarely asked for their feedback (less than a few times a year)

Baby Boomers and women are even less likely to be asked for feedback than other age-groups & their male counterparts.

55% of employees believe there are effective platforms for younger employees to share input to improve the company's business performance.

Lack Of Employee Feedback Has Businesses Running Blind

75% of HR leaders and 57% of employees believe their organizations are effective in their ability to find, keep and develop their employees.

43% of HR leaders and 22% of employees believe their organizations are very effective in providing easy access to training and development.

54% of employees feel their organizations deliver performance reviews that are helpful to them personally or helpful to the company.

HR leaders can get a more accurate, real-time pulse on employee engagement by creating a channel for more frequent and consistent employee feedback.

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